Miscellaneous Items

This is a list of the miscellaneous non-clothing items that are required per the ROTC reporting instructions. Plan on showing up with all of these items as you'll need them from the very first day. Links are provided for recommendation, but you're not required to bring that specific brand/type. 

2 Combination Locks: One for your duffel bag and one for your
security drawer.

Sewing Kit: Highly recommended as you can lose buttons and get tears. 

Razor & Blades: Bring blades to last two weeks if you're not bringing an electric.

Electric Razor: (If PreferredWe recommend bringing at least one regular razor as backup.

Shaving Cream: Enough to last 2 weeks.

Aftershave: As needed, not required.

Tooth Brush: Obviously, you knew that. :D 

Tooth Brush Case: Recommended but not Required

Toothpaste: At least 2 weeks supply.

Shampoo: Two weeks supply. (Noticing a trend here?)

Comb and/or Brush: As needed.

Bath Soap: Highly recommend liquid soap, bar soap is allowed with soap box.

Deodorant: Bar or spray are allowed.  

Insect Repellant: At least 1, but 2 is recommended.

Moleskin Roll: For Blisters (Pro Tip: Break in your boots before you arrive!)

Lip Balm: Your lips will crack in the dry heat.

Sunscreen: Two weeks supply at least.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer: Travel Size is fine.

Hand Soap: Anti Bacterial is required!

Wet Wipes: Not Required, Butt Recommended. (Get it?)

Talcum Powder:  As needed, for long sweaty days in boots. 

First Aid Kit: Good for small cuts, scrapes, etc.

Lighter: Not required but great for burning loose strings.

Nail Clippers: Great for hygiene and also cutting loose strings on uniforms.   

Holm Center T-203: Field Training Manual

Photo ID: Official Government Issued ID, Bring your CAC if you have one. 

Feminine Products: 2 Weeks Supply (As Needed0