Required Clothing and Personal Items

These items will not be issued to you, and are required at field training, bring what your currently own as applicable, and purchase the rest.  You do not need to bring the brand or type listed below they are just provided as suggestions. 

Kneepads: (Optional) for field training. Black, Coyote, or Tan.

Mouth Guard: Pre-fit before you arrive!

Watch: With Stopwatch feature, NO SMART WATCHES! Pro Tip: Silence Your Watch!

Shower Shoes: Cheap Flip Flops

2 Towels: Plan White, approximately 54x32 inches.

2 Washcloths: Plain White approximately 12x12 inches. 

Underwear: Male and Female at least 8 Pair.

Bras: (Female) Any combination of bras / sports bras as needed.