Uniform Items

Most of these items will be issued to you by your Detachment. Extra uniform items can be found for free at Airmens Attics on base, or purchase at AAFES Military Clothing or online.  

Blues Uniform Items

2 pair Socks: Cotton Black

2 pair Trousers / Slacks: Polywool

1 Belt: Blue with chrome like tip and buckle. 

2 Blues Shirts/Blouse: Short Sleeve with Epaulets

2 Name Tapes: Plastic Blue 

1 Pair Low Quarters: Black, Corfams not Authorized  

2 Sets of Rank: Cadet 3rd Class Soft

1 Flight Cap: With Blue Diamond Pattern Edge Braid 

2 Undershirts: White V-Neck (Not Issued, you must buy)


OCP Uniform Items

1 Pair Combat Boots Coyote Brown: Second Pair Recommended

Patrol Cap: Second Cap Recommended 

3 Pair OCP Trousers: Fourth pair recommended 

3 OCP Blouses: With Velcro name and “U.S. Air Force” tapes. Fourth blouse recommended

1 Tan OCP Belt

2 OCP Rank: Cadet 3rd Class

2 Spice Brown US Velcro Flags

2 ROTC Velcro Patches

6 Undershirts Coyote Brown: (May be issued or Personal expense)

6 Pair Socks Coyote Brown: (May be issued or Personal expense)


Physical Training Gear

4 PTG Shirts (Should Be Issued)

4 PTG Shorts (Should Be Issued)

2 Pair PT Shoes (Not Issued, Personal Expense)

6 Pair PT Socks (Not Issued, Personal Expense)

3 Personal Towels: White, 24x14ish (Not Issued, Personal Expense)